Manual Filling Machine

High Capacity

Our machine is capable of filling 1,500 hours has been designed (150 mL). The low viscosity makes the product filling smoothly. Do not connect a power outlet that you charge your mobile phone, yeterdil.

High filling interval,

Semi-automatic liquid filling machine is made of 3 ml-2000ml refill smoothly,

Touch Screen Control Panel and 10 different Weight of Memory,

10 has a different weight memory. Picking up the different types of memory products, you can easily switch between the touch panel products without requiring separate settings for each product variation.

Self-suction system,

Self-priming is a machine, or tanks where the product that you want to fill the suction hose is enough to leave the bins.

Compressor does not require,

Compressor not required. It only works with electricity.

Two different operating modes;

It has two different modes of operation. Want to pedal, it automatically runs when you set the range you want.

София EMSIEN-3